Cheese Boards!

I LOVE a good cheese board. They make a beautiful display for any occasion and offer options for even the pickiest guest. I like to make sure to include a variety of cheeses, fruits, nuts, meats, dried fruit, veggies, olives, crackers, anything pickled, dips and always something sweet like honey or fig preserves. To make for an eye catching display make sure to cut your cheese selections into different sizes and shapes and fold your charcuterie into easy to grab pieces. For a larger group and a larger display I always pre-cut a majority of the cheese options to make for an easy pickup and eat situation. Edible flowers are a great way to add a pop of color if you can find them at your local grocery store. If you’re looking for an impressive way to host happy hour load up on all the ingredients, pre-cut everything and store it in zip top bags in the fridge and assemble your board(s) right before your guests arrive. Pop open some wine and enjoy your party without having to heat up your kitchen or keep up with food while you entertain!



Author: Katy Lopez

Katy lives in Dallas, Texas where she was born and raised. She graduated from Texas Christian University with a BBA in Marketing in 2006 and soon after began culinary school pursuing a life long passion for cooking. Growing up in a family full of wonderfully creative culinary minds she has always loved anything and everything that centers around food. There's something about the way food brings people together that Katy just can't get enough of. Ever since she can remember she has followed in her mothers footsteps, finding any and every excuse to throw a party and cook for the people she loves. Katy's roles in the culinary world have stretched across many mediums. From Vice President of a wholesale Italian food company to catering to baking and selling goods at the local farmers market to personal chef jobs and recipe writing for the magazine EdibleDFW as well as the Edible Dallas and Fort Worth 2012 cookbook. Her food is inspired by all things that have been big influences through out her life. Growing up in Texas she has always loved Southern 'comfort food' and the nostalgia that it brings. While studying and living abroad in Barcelona, Spain she explored the different regional cuisines of the Mediterranean and the brilliant simplicity of pure, fresh, locally sourced ingredients. She has spent many years learning the traditional Mexican cuisine of her husbands family and can't get enough of spicy food.

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