English Muffin Avocado Toasts

english muffin avocado toast

Serves 4


4 English muffins

3 small ripe avocados, lightly mashed

2 vine ripe tomatoes, sliced

2 eggs

2 T butter

4 T crumbled Cotija cheese

Balsamic Glaze

Salt & Pepper to taste


Place small skillet on medium low heat. Melt butter in skillet and use pastry brush to lightly brush each English muffin half with butter. Toast English muffins in toaster oven or on a baking sheet in the oven to desired crispiness. While the muffins are toasting scramble the eggs in the remaining melted butter over medium low heat. I prefer a larger curd so I stir less frequently, if you like a smaller curd stir frequently while eggs cook. Set eggs aside when cooked. Top each English muffin with mashed avocado. Sprinkle avocado with salt and fresh cracked pepper. Top half of the English muffins with eggs and the remaining 4 English muffins with tomatoes. Sprinkle all with Cotija cheese and additional salt and pepper. Drizzle balsamic glaze over the tomato and avocado topped English muffins. Enjoy!

*English muffins can be substituted with any bread of your choice. Brioche is especially delicious, if you’re on a health kick Ezekiel bread is a great substitute that is loaded with nutrients.